2019 Headshot Challenge: When Do You Update?

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The most common question I hear as a professional business photographer is, "Do you think I should update my headshot?"

I say it depends. Do you look the same as in the photo? If you have aged, or changed your hair style or appearance, then it is time to update. As your first impression online, it's important for the headshot you use on social media profiles to look just like you would show up in person.

As social media is becoming an evolving and faster mode of connection with new contacts, I am seeing more frequently updated portraits and headshots. It's a small, but powerful way to stay top of mind and communicate in 2 seconds what you could spend 2 paragraphs trying to say.

This year, I am challenging myself to capture a self headshot per month to see just how much I change. And, it provides me an opportunity to show off the variety of even small changes that a headshot can be in providing that first impression. As you can see from my earlier headshots done either by another professional photographer or myself, a difference a year or style makes is big! I invite you to enjoy this personal side project of mine - I'll share more each quarter on my progress.

Holli Margell Headshot January
January 2019 Headshot: Casual, studio set up, landscape instead of portrait orientation.
February 2019 Headshot: Natural light, classic portrait orientation.
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