A Face For Radio: Klem’s Headshot Session

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Klem Daniels of Klem Daniels Productions started his career in radio. He's a friendly guy with a sense of humor, and when he was booking his head shot session, he told me he, "Had a face for radio." It's alway fun when folks aren't sure if I can make them really look good in a photograph. I do my best to put them at ease in front of the camera and capture a candid, authentic smile. Klem_HolliMargell-1 Klem's got a great smile and I think his more serious look reminds me of Bill Murray. Klem_HolliMargell-2 We had a lot of fun, and I was happy to photograph Klem in a way that shows off his warm personality and down to business experience (a.k.a Bill Murray face).
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