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In today's world, you can look up and learn about a person before you meet them in person, especially in business. Many folks typically look up your website or LinkedIn profile before they meet you, and what do they see first? Your photo! That is why a headshot is like your first handshake, except that it lasts mere seconds and can be done through a computer screen. Like a confident grip of the handshake, your headshot needs to make a good first impression. Does it connect with the viewer? Is it both warm and personable while also being professional? These are the questions I always ask myself as a photographer. Other things will be at the top of my mind while I'm photographing someone such as what they do for a living. For example, a Lawyer might need a more traditional pose than a Creative Director. . . .
©Holli Margell, Native Light Photography

©Holli Margell, Native Light Photography

I'm pleased to show off a recent head shot I did with Wendy Sloneker of West Seattle Content Desk. She does with words what I strive for in my photography. Except that she understands what SEO means in terms of words to use in your written content. I still can't remember what SEO stands for! She's warm and funny, yet a spitfire when it comes to focusing on your business content. And, that's what I strove for in her headshot: Fun, but down to business.   Inspired to get your headshot updated? The Coffee Break package is a great solution! . . . . . . Coffee Break Package – $175 This is our mini-headshot package to provide you with just a few portraits to update your social media profiles or to add to your business card or website. The Coffee Break package provides a 30-minute portrait session with one outfit, on your location of choice. A pre-consult over the phone is included to help you shine. Your favorite 3 images will be delivered as digital negatives that you may download. Email Holli today to book your session holli@nativelightphoto.com
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