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While I love mixing natural light with flash, sometimes the best or most memorable light is unexpected. When I was photographing Lena Ievy, we used a combination of both lights to capture her bright eyes and the colors of fall at the Kubota Garden... LenaHS_HolliMargell-1 Her head shot accomplished what we were looking for in a classic and engaging portrait. And, the colors of fall were highlighted with the speed light in a hand-held Octobox for more of a Branding photo: LenaBranding_HolliMargell-1 But, our very favorite came at the end of the session, when I spied a burning bush - no really, it was a gorgeous red leafed Japanese Maple that looked like it was on fire - back lit by the sunshine: LenaBranding_HolliMargell-2 All to say that while I come prepare with lighting options, I'm always open to see what spontaneous opportunities arise! p.s. Check out Seattle Child Photographer, Lena Ievy Photography - she does truly beautiful family and wedding photography.
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