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This is one of my time-saver tools: Buffer is a tool to manage your social media posts so that you can schedule them in advance and track which ones engage users.

My favorite feature is their "Pablo" tool. This allows you to use an image you have, format it for a specific social media format (land scape for Facebook vs. portrait for Pinterest). While I could crop and prep my photos in Photoshop, it is quicker to use their tool. For example, the forest path photograph here:


I uploaded it to Buffer, and selected the "create an image" option when composing a post - that opened Pablo. And then, I chose to add some inspirational text to it, selected the Square formatting and go this, which works great for Instagram.


But, what I love about this photograph is the full tall format, so I decided to share this on Twitter:

Path_HolliMargell-1 copy

All of that was done in less than 10 minutes! If I had done it in Photoshop, it would have taken me longer. And, the best thing about it is that I have a fun way to share all of my artsy nature photos.

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