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I'm super excited to share the work of Seattle Child Photographer, Lena Eivy. She's put her heart into a book to help parents better photograph their child.
Hi all - My name is Lena Eivy and I’m a Seattle based family photographer specializing in capturing the meaningful moments of life.

Photo by Holli with Native Light Photography

For the past year, I’ve been creating a workbook designed to help parents capture amazing photos of their children themselves using the equipment that they already have on hand. cover-5 At almost every one of my family sessions, my clients would ask me questions, like, “what makes good light?” and “how do you get that blurry background in a photo?” I realized that there really was not a lot of information out there for parents who just want to take a good photo of their kid. There was a lot of information for people who knew quite a bit about photography already, but not a lot for a parent who just needed a few basic pointers to help them move their photos to the next level. So, I created, “How to Photograph Your Child. 12 Step-By-Step Guides to Capturing Your Child Like a Pro.” The workbook is composed of 12 step-by-step guides which walk the reader through how to recreate a professional quality image using their child. I cover things like lighting, composition, color and how to get that blurry background (assuming you are using a DSLR). The workbook follows a year of photography:

So, January’s section is all about capturing a photo of your child blowing snow into the lens of your camera.

Photo by Lena Eivy Photography

Photo by Lena Eivy Photography

April’s shoot is jumping in puddles,

april-1.0 after

Photo by Lena Eivy Photography

and October’s image is in a pumpkin patch.

1 - pumpkin patch 2013-5 (2)

Photo by Lena Eivy Photography

My hope is that parents will be able to use this workbook to capture amazing pictures of their children showing how they’ve grown up over the course of a year, that they will be proud to display on their wall or a photo book. I’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise funds for the first round of printing. I plan on getting the books out by the end of April so that they will be ready by Mother’s Day. To celebrate my launch, I’m giving away one copy of the book to one of you! To enter the drawing for a free copy simply comment below with your biggest challenge when photographing your child. And, please share the campaign with your friends: How To Photograph Your Child Thank you!
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