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Headshot before and after

One of the most common reasons why someone doesn't want to update their headshot is because they want to lose weight first. I have had the honor of photographing several business owners and career professionals who felt they were overweight, but after seeing their portraits could see the difference posing and professional photography can do to help them shine no matter the weight.

As chance would have it, I recently had the privilege of photographing a career professional, John, before and after he lost 30lbs. in just 3 short months. It was such an honor, really, to hear his experience and motivation. You see, John wasn't happy with the way his weight affected how he looked. It motivated him to lose weight and get them retaken!

Now, when a photographer hears a client didn't like their headshots, it can be a hit to the ego. Instead of it being a case of distaste for the style and work, it was about self-image, it was about weight. So, for John to come as a repeat client to get his headshots redone, it really felt like an honor. I was able to document his work to lose that weight. And, frankly, I think it shows how much happier he felt in his own skin.

And, I couldn't help but ask him what he did to lose the weight in our current culture of Keto dieting, Intermittent fasting or Crossfit training. His key to weight loss: a good sense of humor and counting his calories. Removing sugar and watching the kinds of calories he did consume were keys to this too.

Now, I personally know amazing professionals both as fitness trainers, nutritional coaches and holistic health consultants. That leads me to feel the need to share that I still believe we area all capable of being our best self with no one path or program for every body. And, my opportunity to photograph John reminded me that photography, whether a headshot or portrait, can empower you to either make positive changes or appreciate your body wherever you are. So, thank you, John, for sharing your experience and allowing me to update your headshot.

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