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The first question most clients ask is, "What Should I Wear?"

I like to answer with some follow up questions: "What to you wear to work?" "What do you wear when you meet clients?" "What kind of work are you looking for?"

The answers will help decided what to wear. There are variations that apply to everyone no matter what profession they are in, for example when it comes to colors. I thought the best way to explain is to show rather than just tell you...

John is a landscape designer. He shows up for work in overalls. But, he is the boss, so I suggested he wear what he always does, but to wear a black tee shirt. Black is the color of authority and can convey the impression of business (suits are most often black in the business world). And, of course, he joked he'd try to put on clean overalls not covered in dirt or mud.John_HolliMargell-2

Vina is a lifestyle blogger with a passion for living life authentically. She encourages women to live in their true selves, and embrace who they are. She wore a gold sequin top for fun and we used a white backdrop to keep with her simple, clean style. MiniMediashots_HolliMargell

Jessica is a young professional entering the working world after graduation from college. She wore a black fitted top which really shows off her beauty but also means business. She is ready for this next chapter of her life! MiniMediashots_HolliMargell (1)

Now, I realize these examples don't represent every kind of wardrobe option or very many colors, but I hope that they shed some light on what you should consider when deciding what to wear. I really do enjoy helping people plan for their head shot, and these are just a few examples I can show off for now. Start with what you do, and how you want folks to perceive you and you'll be on the right track!

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