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When folks ask me, "How Was Your Trip to Rwanda?" It is still hard to answer in a moment, and I usually say it was amazing. That's the truth, and it would take me many, many hours to share all that I learned and want to share with those interested... rwandaart-3   Rwanda is a beautiful country, and full of kind, curious and happy people. When most of us think of Rwanda, we think of the genocide that put it on the minds of many people around the world in 1994. The country is still welcoming back refugees who had fled to Tanzania, Uganda and the Congo, and have been away for 20+ years. Some of them, like those from Tanzania were removed from their farms and homes by the government and sent back. The Rwandan government has been able to provide them with housing, but they have to rebuild their lives again, and some families are broken up so that a father can find work days or hours away, for example. rwandaart-5   I learned all of this first hand, and saw how hard it can be living with the most basic necessities of life: shelter, water and food. I also saw how much people are helping each other with what they have. rwandaart-11   rwandaart-7   rwandaart-4   And, I saw the differences between the city life and the rural village life. Not everyone has to walk miles for water, but you still have to buy drinking water. rwandaart-6   Whether a city dweller or village dweller, the people of Rwanda are very welcoming and generous hosts and eager to make new friends. I encourage everyone who has thought about visiting to go! There is something special about immersing yourself into another culture where you find yourself getting up and walking in a different way of life, out of your routine, trying new foods you've never seen at home before. rwandaart-12   Yes, I want and will share more stories of the people, and for now, I want to point you to Seattle Child Photographer, Lena's blog posts from the trip here.
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