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Let’s Show The World What You Create: Custom Metal Work

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When I talk about business photography, most people think of two things: head shots and products like you'd see in a catalog. Well, I can do both, but I especially love helping to capture what you create and do for marketing materials from your website portfolio to printed brochure.

This is work done by a custom metal work company in Oregon. Everything they create is custom, and so they needed some projects photographed to show off what they are capable of making...In this case, it was a small natural foods store that needed a way to get up to their small loft style office space: A Spiral stair case was the custom solution!

The big picture:

NPStaircase_HolliMargell 11 The details that show off the level of hand-made craftsmanship: NPStaircase_HolliMargell 4 NPStaircase_HolliMargell 5 NPStaircase_HolliMargell 7 NPStaircase_HolliMargell 10 If you want help showing the world what you make and create, I'd be happy to help!
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