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Delighted to open my first studio in West Seattle!

The New Studio is located in the ActivSpace building just off the West Seattle Bridge, this new studio is perfect for individual headshot portraits. This space is conveniently near Alki Beach and other parks for those who want to do outdoor environmental portraits too.

The other use for this studio space is to provide a professional environment for my custom, individual photo classes for either Smart Phone or DSLR Photography. I will keep teaching small group classes through South Seattle's Continuing Education program, but being able to have a good space for teaching on my own is so exciting!

Why now? I've been dreaming of opening a studio by the time I reached my 5 year business birthday! But the cost of commercial space is steep. My dream studio is much too large for my current business progress. So, I decided to be open to other opportunities as stepping stones to my dream studio. Putting that out there to my community led to this moment, 4 years and 7 months into this business model!

I'm so grateful for my community to connect me with this opportunity. I'm co-working with local, boutique design firm, BlankSpace. They have a very similar style and I appreciate their willingness to share the space. Which means, you'll see some of their amazing work on the walls of the studio too.

Thanks to you all for your support, attention and encouragement to make this possible as well!

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