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Why It Matters If You Are Using Your Headshot Online

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Have you ever gotten prints made from your camera and noticed that they seemed a little bit off color-wise than they were on your computer? This happens not just in print, but online too. You get your headshot, and then upload it to Facebook, and suddenly it seems darker.

The reason is that each social media platform treats your image differently. Some of them require you to not just crop to square or a circle, but they also compress the file. They change it a tiny bit to work better on their platform.

When I meet with client before their session, one of the questions I always ask is how they intend to use it. The reason is so that I can deliver their portraits in the format that best suits their use. For example: my most recent headshot...

Here it is ready to use, but it appears too dark, almost desaturated on Facebook:

©Holli Margell Self Portrait Too Dark For Facebook

©Holli Margell Self Portrait Too Dark For Facebook

Here it is lightly edited to be brighter, and in the right color format, so that it doesn't look too dark on Facebook:

©Holli Margell Self Portrait Ready for Facebok!

©Holli Margell Self Portrait Ready for Facebok!

You can see the difference! The problem here is that it wasn't in the correct color format for web use, but would have been just fine in print.

Another common problem is where your photograph looks perfect on the computer, but it turns out blurry when you upload it to a social media site. Again, this is a technical problem, because the file size or pixel dimensions may not have been good enough to share at that size.

All of this is to share the a portrait is no longer a portrait in the digital world. It's information that has to fit the platform. Be sure to talk with your photographer about what platform you will be using it on so that it's ready to rock no matter where it is used.

Hopefully this helps you make the most of your next portrait! If you found it helpful, please share.

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