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It was hard to fit one image from every session, so I picked out a set of top 27 head shots to share instead!

2015: What a year! This was the year I chose to branch out and away from art and family photography to focus on serving the business community with Native Light Photography. This year of transition for me started out with a business profile portrait for a marketing article. And, then I also did my first product packaging photography with kids for a local toy company - this was super fun as I love working with kids. By this summer, I joined a business network, Business Network International, and grew as a photographer with real focus on business photography. This isn't a category you can easily find, even though there's Commercial photography, Real Estate Photography, Head Shots, Portraits and Product Photography. I see business photography as a combination of all those things with the main purpose to help tell your business story in a way that engages with your specific audience. I'm looking forward to 2016 as I adjust my photography packages to offer more to those who need more than a specific package. Thank you all for your business! Warmly, Holli
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