3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Business Photos

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You've done your photo session, created your website and printed up some business cards. They all use the pretty pictures you paid for and now you're wondering what to do with them?

Here are 3 fun ways to keep using them, and frankly, make the most of them!

1. Social Media - like the complicated gift that you think you hate or love and then go through phases in between. It's the pot of gold for reusing your business photographs. You can add inspirational quotes on them for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more using Buffer (I wrote about it being one of my favorite apps here). Or, you can use them on Facebook for event headers, and any time you have something to say (currently, adding photo to a post makes it rise in the feed more than text, and honestly catches attention faster).

2. Thank You Cards - what better way to keep your branding in mind than to use a photograph on your Thank You card?

3. Client Gifts - magnet with a motivational quote or slogan, a desk calendar, or mug.


Of course, I want to add that you should print them big and frame them for the walls of your office, but not everyone needs to fill up wall space!
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