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I'm delighted to share the opening of my first ever online art card store!!! If you'd like a locally photographed art nature image to grace your cards this season, you may purchase a limited series here:

SEATTLE Art Nature Cards

Each image is available to purchase for $20 each, optimized to print up to a 5x7 card. You can print as many of them as you like. Blank or greetings versions are available so that you have the freedom to add your own text or to fill in the black inside portion of your cards through your favorite printer.

Full of gratitude for the clients I've had the honor of photographing this past year, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photographs that you can use to grace cards this season (these are perfect for digital cards and may print up to 4x6). Simply, right-click and "save as" you please:

seattlenightlights-1 hollyartportrait-1 wintercards-1-of-2

Wishing you all warm season greetings as you connect with your clients and send them a hand-written note!

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