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In today's world where selfie's rule, many business owners want to cut costs by using their cell phone. I even teach folks how to use their cell phone to take better social media photos on the fly, and I get it...but, there's something to be said about a professional portrait. It takes experience, proper lighting and a professional camera.

I had the pleasure of photographing the most important people of any company: office staff! They're the one's answering phones, taking payment and booking clients. While this particular business wanted head shots that matched their previous staff photos, I had the freedom of doing my favorite types of head shots - environmental portraits. What makes this different is allowing the environment to be the background instead of a back drop.

Before & Afters:

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These ladies are truly beautiful, so their "Before" photos aren't all that bad beyond the need for better lighting, posing and cropping. But, they are a great example of the difference taking a quick phone photo is compared to a professional head shot -adding those really helps their beauty to shine!

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