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In February, I had the opportunity to teach my first continuing eduction class to students at South Seattle College. The class was so popular (capped it at 15 students so that I could provide some one-to-one hands on help) that I get to offer the class again May 14th!

The Better Smart Phone Photos class has shown up in the printed class catalog with a fill color photo of me, which makes my kids think I'm famous! In a wonderful community like West Seattle, it is as close as I will get to my 5 minutes of fame too - I love our community.

While this class is a branch out beyond my small business photography focus, it aligns with my passion to help others see beauty and discover the joy that photography holds to focus on that in our daily lives. It's designed to cover photography key tips, and includes a hands on portion where everyone will practice what's been taught. This class is perfect for those who need a little help getting started. You can register here for the May 14th Class. I'm also available for one-to-one tutorial style classes.

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