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While everyone on LinkedIn needs a head shot, not every business owner wants one. Especially if they're in a creative business, a head shot may be only needed if they are in a directory or part of a large collective. If you're a solopreneur in a creative business, then an Environmental Portrait would be a better fit. Here are three lovely examples: Antares Wellness Seattle is a perfect example! Business owner, Lashanna, provides a creative space for healing through individual and group meditative sessions, massage and body work, and end of life care. With such a breadth of healing arts, her environmental portrait was centered around the two art filled spaces: the massage and body work room, and her meditative space for individuals and groups. And, yes, we did expand a bit beyond the individual environmental portraits, and captured her during a massage session - again focus on on her and what she does in her healing services. We also focused on some social media friendly photographs that showcase her wellness space and will be part of her photo library for the website, Facebook events and promotional materials. This session is a beautiful example of the The Marketing Package and how we can customize a package to best serve a creative solopreneur!
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