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What I love about Molly is that she's not only one of the strongest women I know both inside and out, she's a woman who knows how to focus on what she does best: help others become stronger. She's got a pretty good eye for photography herself (yes, I'm following her on Instagram). But, she's willing to invest in photography to market her business consistently.

One of the biggest mistakes a small business owner makes is to either have outdated photographs, or to mix and match their professional looking photos with some less than professional ones. The problem with this is that your business photography is an an extension of your branding. From your logo to your website colors, the photographs you use help reflect that consistent brand.

I was delighted to photograph Molly this fall to help her show the world what she does and keep her branding consistent and strong.

Check out the slideshow from our session last year when she launched her website:


And her recent session, we captured the same fun, documentary style photographs to highlight her small group classes:

fitness_nlp-4   fitness_nlp-2  fitness_nlp  

If you're in West Seattle, and know you want to get stronger, check out Molly's website for tips and how-to blog posts as well as her current classes.

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