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Cami of WebCami is a woman after my own heart. She started her business so she could use her stellar skills to build websites, and work from home where she would be able to not miss so much of her young son's life. Now, any work from home parent will tell you that isn't as easy as it sounds. It takes dedication, clear boundaries and persistence.

Cami's hard work is paying off in her continued success as a business owner for going on 15 years! She was featured this week by GoDaddy's article, "Webcami Site Design: From Wordpress To Business Coaching". And, it was so fun to see her headshot used to highlight her business.

When we planned her head shot session, she decided to make it meaningful and as authentic about her: she loves coffee and often meets clients over coffee, so we chose a red mug to match her color branding and a location close to her local heart (Alki Beach in West Seattle).

WebCami Alki Beach Headshot

Beautiful Alki Beach, coffee in hand, Cami's ready to help your business get online!

Her non-traditional head shot works beautifully on her website and on other mediums such as the GoDadddy article! Here it is on her website:

Love how her horizontal headshot fits perfectly on her website!

Are you thinking about scheduling a headshot session? Perhaps you're not ready yet for a full session, and just need one simple, stunning headshot...you're in luck because on Monday, March 20th, I'm hosting Mini-headshot sessions and there are 4 spots left!

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