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One of the best parts of being a business and career photographer is getting to know the wide variety of services and professionals in the Seattle Area. Whether we meet for a straight forward headshot portrait session, or spend a half day together, I get to learn about amazing people! That's why I want to highlight Claire Jones. I had the pleasure of meeting her at her previous business, and am inspired by her new direction and focus on helping others through transitions with a specific coaching focus...

Clarifications Coaching Claire Headshot Portrait
Claire of Clarifications Coaching Headshot Portrait

What inspired you to start your business?  

After starting my first business in 2014, I worked in small business development for a while and found that people could only develop their businesses and careers far as they were willing and able to develop themselves. Since I have been on my own personal development journey myself, I realized that I had a lot more passion for coaching than business consulting.

What is it you do? 

I offer NeuroLeadership and Wellness coaching, specializing in helping people who are in transitional periods and want help getting to the next level. I use the latest neuroscience research to inform my coaching practices so that my clients can harness the power of their mind to help them self-actualize.

Who are your ideal clients? 

My ideal clients are women who are in career transitions. Since I have been through a myriad of career evolutions myself, I can certainly relate! I help women who are transitioning from home to work, work to home, or are looking to move to the next level in their professions.

To learn more about Clarifications Coaching and see how Claire's using her professional headshot on her website, visit ClarificationsCoaching.com!

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