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When most people start looking for a photographer, they have seen someone with new photos on their website or Facebook page, and ask who did the photos. Then, they go look at their website and ask for pricing. That is where choosing a photographer is like picking restaurant on Yelp. Or, they don't know someone, and actually start at Yelp or on Google.

Let me use the restaurant analogy: You can base the decision on pricing and what flavor or style you’re in the mood for, or you can base it on filling your need and providing the experience you want. This is the difference between fast food and fine dining. In photography, we have the mall studios where you pay $10 for an 8x10 and no sitting fee. And we have the famous portrait artist who charges $3,000 or more.

That is why my best advice to anyone looking for a photographer is to focus on the style of the photographs they love and then consider pricing last. The reason is that you’ll get what you want rather than settling and needing to go out for a second dinner, if you don’t mind me using the fast food analogy… This is where I strive to offer something different. I put my services and pricing on my website. No hard sales calls needed. Then, I provide a consultation meeting of 30 minutes so that you and I can see if we jive and plan on your session. I’m not going to just show up and assume I know how you want to be photographed. I want you to feel prepared and heard so that I can provide you with an experience that is fun and professional.

And, that is why I created the Getting Ready Guide, so that my clients know how to prepare for their session and don’t end up calling me the night before because their hair trim turned into a short cut! I truly want everyone to have a good portrait experience that ends with a photo they can be proud of having.

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