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Every time I teach a phone photography class I learn something new that I should have added to the class handout. I call this my "cheat sheet" - it's got all of the things you need to know to start taking better phone photos!

That something new yesterday came as a question about file sizes and if you can print your phone photos large on a canvass as art for your wall. The short answer is that yes, yes you can do that. The longer answer is that it depends on your aspect ratio and file size.

If you've never heard of an aspect ratio, you're not alone - I'm going to do my best to show you what that means. Some phones allow you to set the aspect ratio before you take the photos, and others will only let you do that afterward in edit mode. Here is what and how aspect ratios will affect your prints, a phone snap I took of Big Ben in London last fall:

And that brings up file and print size. The larger your file size the better. Your phone has a default setting, and I recommend setting it at least to 1MB, but 5MB is my personal preference. This will print up to an 8x10 or 5x7 without getting fuzzy or pixelated. And, your phone defaults to help you take tons of photos without running out of room to fast (another topic all together).

I recommend setting it up to 5MB because once you start editing and cropping your image, your file size changes. It's better to have a photo that's larger than smaller for printing. This also brings up that it depends on how you want to use your photos - if you're on social media only, this doesn't really apply or shouldn't be a concern.

Want to learn more? I have a couple of Youtube tutorial videos on the classes page - you can check out here. Of course, I highly recommend the in person class, because I think it's faster and easier to learn in person.

p.s. I also offer a tutorial type class for those with cameras!

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