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Every business person needs a head shot for social media and your About Page on your website. But, what else is helpful to photograph? Every business is different. For health care professionals, the breadth of work varies from knowledge based (Therapist) to action and knowledge based (Physical Therapist). No matter what you do, you likely have tools. Your tools may seem boring, but in the age of social media and your online reputation, showing off your tools is a strong way to use imagery to engage and inform your potential clients about what you do! Here are a few of my favorite examples:

New Balance Chiropractic with their activator tool and hands - two standard tools of care.


Lena Eivy family photographer - camera in hand for her environmental portrait, you know what she does at first glance!


Fettle Fitness is a bootcamp style coaching class focused on helping runners and strengthening clients for their next physical goal. The texture of the track connects runners to her coaching!


Custom Drapery designer - the workshop is full of texture and tools of the trade!


Yoga Studio - your feet and body are your tools!

Remember that showing and telling are equally important when it comes to engagement on social media.
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