Lessons From Rwanda: The Power of Perspective

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Rwanda showed me a lot more than I expected. I gained a level of perspective that I didn't have before - from what it really looks like to survive daily life to how differently we all see the world through our past experiences.

This is important for anyone who uses photography to promote their business to understand: the literal power of perspective. I have two examples to share what I mean...

I am going to do something I rarely do and show you two photos of myself: dancing in public at the community village square during what I will call Church Day, and they call a Crusade.


Susan focused on a close up of the action, and I love the intimate nature of how she captured our expressions.


Lena captured a wider perspective which shows the energy and enormity of the group, and looking at it now takes me right back to the dusty, crowded, energetic memories.

Photographers are not all the exact same. They see the world differently than each other. The equipment might be the same, the training even, but what makes photographs special isn't just the subject, it's the photographer's style. I adore both photographs of me dancing with the people even though they are very different.

That's the power of perspective at work! When you hire your next photographer, consider perspective and the resulting style. They're a powerful combination!

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