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Rwanda is known as the land of 1,000 hills. It's rich farming country with a hard history of conflict. During my trip, I met a woman known as Mama Naomi in her village, Ntoma. She's a survivor of the genocide, a grandmother, mother, friend to many, and most of all a true grassroots leader.

While I was learning her story through an immersion-style humanitarian photography workshop, I learned things I never imagined. I saw poverty like I have never seen it before. I saw community stronger and more loving than ever. I saw children with overflowing joy and enthusiasm to learn.

This trip taught me that I do want to help others through humanitarian photography. Not just in my own neighborhood, or my children's school, but around the world.

Here's a slideshow I created to hopefully help tell Mama Naomi's story. The story of her work to build the school. This is just the beginning...I can't wait to see her succeed!

p.s. To see more of Naomi's story, please visit Benjamin Edwards' Website - This post tells part of her story, 8 years ago.

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