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Meet Jill, Body Ambassador!

For her new book launch and website rebrand, we had a blast with a Make Over Portrait Session...

Jill's joy is contagious!

Jill is the kind of woman you want to spend more time with - she's full of authentic enthusiasm for life. We met to plan out her Make Over Portrait Session and I felt uplifted the rest of the week. While some might think a Make Over Portrait Session is code for old school Glamour Shots, it is the opposite. It's the full service of having all the details taken care of to be photo ready.

We collaborated with a local make up artist, local hair stylist and had what felt like a girls day for each of us to help Jill shine for her photos!

Jill needed more than an author headshot. We captured a variety of images for social media posts and her website. She had outfit changes, background changes and ultimately a variety of portraits to celebrate her new book, "Getting Happy With Your Body."

Instead of just showing you all the pretty pictures, I want to introduce you all to Jill and her passion for helping others.

What inspired you to start your business? 

The story goes way back. In early 1990’s. I was working in corporate marketing and teaching fitness classes on the side. In those days, 6am, 6:30pm and on weekends. Luckily, I was able to scale down my corporate gig and begin to grow my personal training business. I’ve been self-employed since 1994!

What is it you do?

I am an Ambassador for the Human Body.  As an author and a speaker I daringly assert it is time to think beyond weight loss and exercise to get happy with our body.

Who are your ideal clients?

People who are ready for an approach other than diet and exercise to getting happy with their body. I also enjoy speaking to all types of organizations and groups inspiring them with unique tools and exercise, directly from the book, that improving their wellbeing.

I also enjoy sharing my message and years of professional experience with those in the wellness and fitness industry—giving them a fresh perspective of how they can work with their clients. These professionals are on the front lines of motivating individuals to take good care of themselves.

Learn more on her website and check out how she used her headshots to add her personality to the website:

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