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Happy Almost December!

My how the month has flown by with my blog posting being put on the back burner, on repeat.

I had an opportunity to present a very short version of my Better Phone Photography class to the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce on November 2nd. It was a great opportunity to give back to the local business community as the class was free, except I did get lunch!

What a good exercise to see how the class enables others to use the tools they already have. The biggest take away I had from teaching is that often folks just need to be encouraged to experiment and press all the buttons on their smart phone...

I also learned how much this class appeals to those who are not business owners themselves, but do want to take Better Phone photos. Which leads me to a very special announcement: Take Better Phone Photos is now a class offered at South Seattle College!!! This class is a little longer than my typical business client focused class, because we'll cover more about how to best manage them after you've filled your phone with photos you'll want to keep and make into something special.

Because this is offered as a one day, continuing education class, it is heavily discounted compared to my more focused, customized class offerings on this website: $35 instead of $65-125! And, to make sure there's enough time to answer any questions and get folks the tools they need, the class is limited to 15 students.

I'm super excited to help others take better phone's a recent favorite from my Android phone over a Thanksgiving trip to Eastern Washington.

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