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Christine started her personal coaching business after years helping others. I had the pleasure of meeting with Christine to photograph her for the launch of her new website and was inspired by her story. She has graciously agreed to share it with you too!

What inspired you to start your business?

Honestly, because it is hard and because I could! After serving heartfelt and with compassion as a licensed mental health counselor for 9 years I had secured my green card. Then, just in time for my 40th birthday I finished my education as a life coach and launched another new exciting phase of my life, that has been 12 years ago this June. My mind is wired to actually enjoy the challenges and to be on the side of many amazing people throughout the years fill me with deep gratitude and continuous inspiration.

What is it you do?

I help people rise! As a life coach, I partner with people like small business owners, community leaders who are active in justice and equality work and people in transition. All of them have in common, that they say there current way of going about their day is not effective, not satisfying and or not sustainable. There is a cap between what they value and how their actual world looks. The clarity of their goals and the intentions behind the goals is out of focus and a sense of overwhelm or lack of confidence takes its place. There is always an entry point to turn things for the better and as I coach I help you find it in order to create change.

Who are your ideal clients?

An ideal client for me is a person who invites support and wants to reflect in order to find internal motivation to create change. I 100% embrace to be asked to be on their side and enhance new developments in their life through encouragement, accountability and validation.

To learn more about Christine, how she helps others, and the resulting images from our session together, visit:

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