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One of my biggest interests is volunteering. I wouldn't call it a hobby. I would call it a key part of how I participate in my community.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of meeting dear friends and learning more about the city I live in than I ever expected. And it's been through these experiences that I had this idea. The idea is to photograph and share the stories of people who volunteer in their own neighborhood. And that is how Seattle Shines was born: part experience and part wonder at the process it takes for individuals to start volunteering.

Seattle Shines is a photography project where the focus is on gathering stories and capturing portraits of folks who I would call unsung heroes in their community. Partnering that with photographs of the neighborhoods environments by film photographer Nathan Vass, and I believe you'll see a new way of looking at each Seattle neighborhood.


Do you know someone who volunteers in your neighborhood? Would they like to be a part of this project? I'd love to meet them, hear their story about why they chose to volunteer, and take their portrait. Please help spread the word and tell me about the unsung heroes in your neighborhood.

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