Most photographers follow a similar workflow. What works as a Business Photographer is slightly different from say a Wedding Photographer. With weddings, you want to cover the experience, and often start with an itinerary of the day, planning when the photographer will start and a list of the kinds of groups and portraits that are not to be missed.

With Native Light Photography, we focus with a list that incorporates what you need in terms of marketing materials from social media to printed collateral. We start with a planning consultation to create a working list that will help ensure that you get what you need.

This also helps with planning for all of the details, and guides the photo session. It's helpful to have a few extra minutes of time build into the session for inspiration in the moment too. For example, the photographer may see an opportunity in details of a product or service that the business owner didn't consider as "photogenic" before.

Working with Native Light Photography follows this plan:

  1. Consultation meeting to determine number of images desired, key focus points, communication key words to inform types of photographs, and scheduling session.
  2. Session is booked once a deposit is paid and contract signed.
  3. Photo session happens (the FUN part)!
  4. Photos are provides in a preview album to select the images that best fit the contract package of deliverables. Editing requests are taken at this time.
  5. Final editing is completed.
  6. Final invoice for the contracted package is provided and paid.
  7. Images are provided as digital download files.