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I was read an article in Forbes magazine about Instagram, "Instagram Captured, Featuring New Billionaire Kevin Systrom" by Kathleen Chaykowski. It was profiling the growing business, and sharing about the founder's intention to grow slowly and how it will keep growing as part of Facebook. With that came some fun anecdotes about it's more famous users such as Pope Francis.

What really stood out for me was a quote shared from Pope Francis where he shares how photography is a form of communication:

“He mentioned how when he talks to children they don’t necessarily speak his language, but they will show him pictures on their phones, and how that’s the most powerful way of communicating,” says Systrom..."

I learned photography in a photojournalism class, so in that environment, photographs helped to tell a story by highlighting something an article covered - the photographs supported the story. I have never thought in terms of photography as a direct form of communication, but I have always known how important and powerful photography can be.

If you think of your photographs as another way to communicate beyond words or videos, what are you saying?

If you aren't on Instagram already, check it out! You can find me @hollimargell - I've been sharing behind the scenes moment of my photography work, life adventure and those moments when I see beauty in nature.

A snapshot of my Instagram account @hollimargell

A snapshot of my Instagram account @hollimargell

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