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Typically I would rank having my picture taken just ahead of going to the dentist, but this portrait session with Native Light Photography was a pleasure!! Holli made us feel completely at ease, gave great directions and before I knew it I was having a great time and the results were fabulous!!! I also want to thank Holli for renting the perfect venue and lighting for the photo shoot. She really nailed it! - Julie Rasmussen, Co-Founder Trend Crafts

Lets be honest: who in their right mind wants to get their head shots? As a die hard introvert, I can think of about 1000000 things I would rather do than stand in front of a camera for an hour. However, head shots are a necessary evil in our world and so after much deliberation, i choose Holli to capture me in all my introverted glory. The moment I met Holli, I knew that I had made a good choice. She was so kind and instantly put me at ease. She walked me through had to pose to create a flattering image and listened to me when I told her what I wanted in a background. She asked me questions about my profession so that she could best capture who I am and what I did. I was thrilled with the outcome. Seriously thrilled. The photos were of the highest quality and really captured who I am. I didn't look nervous at all - probably because Holli put me at such ease. If you need head shots, go to this lady. She is amazing and will make you look amazing. - Lena Eivy, Lena Eivy Photography

Native light is TOPS in composition, flexibility, rolling with nervous subjects at a shoot and helping me to feel at ease in the short session. You do so much in a little time! Highly recommend & I'll be going again when my new glasses come in! Thank you so much! - Wendy Sloneker, West Seattle Content Desk

Business photography services: From a classic headshot to your website photographs, here are some examples that are used for social media, printed materials, brochures, applications and business cards - here are some of my favorites in a slideshow!