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Not all photo booths are created equal. I love the opportunity that a photo booth as to create a special memento for guests at any event. This was one of the things I learned when I did weddings. And, I especially enjoy the process to prepare a photo booth custom for the theme. For example:

©Native Light Photo The Super Hero Skyline Photo booth

©Native Light Photo The Super Hero Skyline Photo booth

The theme for a school auction was Super Heroes! I decided to go with a bright set up over the Seattle Skyline, and really enjoyed getting folks to ham it up with super hero poses...

Holli Skyline

Photo by Holly Rikhof of me at the Super Hero themed photo booth.

 Super grateful for a fellow photographer, Holly Rikjof for capturing me in action.

Here is the result after a little edit for a vibrant memento:


©Native Light Photo The super women!

I call my event photo booth the "Convention Package" because it can be customized for more candids during an event with a photo booth set up for a few hours. The next time you're hosting a party and want to capture the fun while providing a memento, call me.

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