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August of 2016 found me visiting Rwanda as part of an immersion style humanitarian workshop. During our experience working with a local group to help expand a rural village school, we enjoyed a day to acclimate. The day was spent exploring the Akagera National Park with a park ranger. He rode along with us in our van and not only made sure we kept to the rules of the park (no wandering off the dirt roads into the thick groves), he also help us spot wildlife and explained their species with enthusiasm.

Lena Eivy and Ranger Herman

Part of the National Park visitor's center was created to look like traditional structures.

The afternoon sun shone very golden - you'll see some shade was hard to find.

During our 6 hour adventure through the park, we learned more about our guide and his hard work to become a ranger. This wasn't a profession that his family approved of and many still view the park as a very dangerous place to work. He has a real passion for the preservation of the animals and enjoys his job. We also learned he too has a passion for photography! Thanks to the magic of social media, Instagram, we are able to keep up with his photography from his perspective as a ranger! I encourage everyone to go follow him, his work is outstanding: @zezeoddo

Akagera Park Ranger Perspective

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