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When it comes to using your photographs on social media to build your online reputation, it can get a bit confusing. What photos should you use? What can you add text onto? Should you add text? Should you reuse an older photo?

These are questions I love helping business owners navigate. Truth be told, the social media rules change based on which type you're using. What we can all agree on is that they're important. No matter which ones you're using, I'm going to do my best to share some key strategies to make them stand out...

Focus for space - if you're going to add text to your images, remember that words need space to stand out. This photograph above is a great example. As you're taking photographs or looking for them to use, the focus in the picture can give you space for text. Being out of focus behind the text helps the eyes to see the text easily. The key here is making sure you have a background that doesn't make your text difficult to read.

Another tip for your text background is color. Even with the background blurry, color helps your words stand out with contrast. If the example photo above had a background that was light, for example a light yellow, then the text would have to have been the opposite and a dark black or green. So, with your focus, keep color in mind.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share other tips and suggestions for how to better use your photographs on social media!

Stay tuned, Holli

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