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We’re in a strange place for photography. There’s a lot of images that get reused and reposted. You start to see the same images pop up in your Facebook feed or on Instagram or even Twitter. Usually these are funny memes that people share to engage with folks about some current topic in the press. But, as a business owner, it’s confusing about what you can share or should share. I look at this in terms of recycling and reusing.

The first question is what is relevant: For example, the holidays are full of opportunities to reuse some of your past photographs. You may want to do a new team photo for the holiday card, but you can certainly have fun reusing photographs from the past. If it's close to Thanksgiving or New Years, the relevance of a photo is key. For example, I love this card so much I will easily reuse it every November when we start the holiday season on my social media accounts.

A holiday card for Thanksgiving but relevant every season for reuse on social media.

The second question to ask is: Does this fit my brand and seasonal marketing? Much like the holidays, seasons affect how you share photographs for your business. For example, I have this Seattle Skyline photo wishing everyone a happy Spring. For those of you here in Seattle, you know it’s a season that is unpredictable. We savor the change of rainy cold gray winters into sun break filled spring! I can easily re-suse this photograph every spring or even recycle it into a Graduation Greeting and promote head shots for College grads.

The third question I want to encourage everyone to ask is: Do I have permission to share? Now that most folks with a cell phone have a decent chance of photographing a special moment, you have friends who are photographing you at work, or a coworker who captures something cool at the company meeting. Can you share it? Always ask permission first, and then have fun reposting! And be kind, credit the photographer whether they are a professional or not.

Photographed by our happy client! We worked as a team for a make over portrait session at Factory Hair Seattle.

Questions? I truly hope to help you engage more on social media with your photographs. I am happy to answer any questions you have in the comments.

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