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The key to engaging folks through social media photos beyond the fun stuff is tying it back to you. Think of your photos as an extension of your branding - what does it reflect back about your business? If your business is in the fitness industry, let's say a yoga studio, then your photographs are going to need to be focused around images that fit balance, stretching, calm, and those other words positively associated with yoga.

Coming up with a "style sheet" or short description will help guide you to focus on the photographs to use on social media. Start with five words that describe your business. Then, list out the things that you do in your business. For example, as a business photographer, I photograph people in all sorts of places and spaces. I have "behind the scenes" to my list of social media photos to show off what I'm doing in action. This helps people see what it's like to work with me.

My photography list looks like this: Professional, business, headshot, photography, workspaces, Seattle, "behind the scenes," tools, nature and my family.

Behind the scenes moment captured by Lena Eivy Photography.

Why do I include family? Because they're the reason behind my business. I don't post the daily fun things most parents photograph of their kids. I share them sparingly to talk about who I am.

Hiking with the kids is one of my favorite activities.

The other words like Professional and Nature are more ambiguous. As a business photographer, I'm working to help others appear professional in what they do whether that's fixing a computer or adjusting someone on a Chiropractic table. Nature inspires my work from the lighting in the forest to the beauty of moss growing on a tree branch. Sharing some of my nature photographer further explains who I am and my style of photography. I have to be careful to use these like sprinkles on top of a cupcake, because they're not the main ingredient of my business photographer work.

What does your photography list include?

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