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With the fall leaves comes holiday events, company parties and winter fundraising auctions, oh, my!

One of my favorite services is offering a custom photo booth experience for events. While Pinterest is full of suggestions for DIY methods of running your event photo booth, all the instructions in the world can't manage the lighting, the files and delivery of the photographs.

I have the tools and experience to run your photo booth, and customize it for your event theme. Here are three very different photo booths that were not only customized for a theme, but also delivered in different sizes to suit the event style.

You'll notice this as a square, and edited in black and white to reflect a vintage theme:


Or this holiday art fair as a portrait rectangle, complete with the event hash-tag sign:


And, my favorite: a super hero them as a landscape size rectangle. Yes, I do use a camera and aim to photograph the booth depending on what you want as well as who is enjoying it. This is an example of aiming for a child's height instead of an adult.


The custom photo booth service includes your choice of a digital download email sent to guests which is great for adding some extra touches in editing, or as a party favor print (on site printing)!

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