What Does Branding Photography Look Like?

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You've heard about branding and marketing, but they sometimes sound just like the same thing. And, it can be confusing when it comes to photos. After all, aren't you supposed to just show people your logo and pricing? Well, branding is like your team mascot - it is what folks expect to see when your company/business/brand is represented. This can include things like your logo, graphics and even tone of copy or words used on your website and Facebook page. Marketing is the management of all those things to make sure folks know who you are and what you can do for them. That's a brief description to be sure, because there's a lot more behind the scenes that goes into marketing... That's why I decided to create The Marketing Package session, because you need more than a head shot of your pretty face to brand your business. Just like your logo, your photos may have a consistent look and feel to them. This is a fun session that allows me to help tell your story in photographs. Now through December 10th, I'm giving away a photo slide show just like this to every Marketing Package session booked - take a look: This is a wonderfully fun way to share your photos on Facebook and social media as you show off your refreshed branding! And, it's a $150 value added to your Marketing Package, complimentary for sessions booked by December 10th (yes, that means you can do your session after the 10th, but we have to have it on the calendar!). I look forward to helping tell your story!
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