What is the difference between a Senior Portrait and Headshot?

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What photograph do you use for your first headshot? It's common to use a photograph from your High School Senior Portrait session when you first enter your professional career. And it's completely understandable, because when else in your young adulthood does it make sense to do a portrait session?

I'm here to help. Your headshot today has to make an excellent first impression as more and more folks verify your identity and online reputation online besides checking references on your resume. Here is an excellent example of a Senior Session vs. Professional Headshot session:

A Senior Portrait usually has more fun and candid style to celebrate.

A High School Senior portrait shows off personality and youth!

A professional headshot portrait shows connection, your eyes being the main focus, and it's cropped tight to look great as a profile icon on social media, for example.

You're ready for your first headshot session when you're ready to hand out your resume and enter the work force. It's my job to help you look your best, and I have tips such as: when you want to appear more mature, do not smile big and show off your teeth. A closed-mouth smile indicates someone more mature in age. Conversely, a wide smile showing off your pearly whites indicates youth! So, when you're ready to enter the working world and level up your online reputation, start with a professional headshot session.

Every level of portrait session offered (except the Mini-headshots) includes an a consultation so we can have a plan before I show up with a pretty big camera in hand. I'm more than happy to help provide direction for capturing the headshot that will help you shine!

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