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During a recent presentation to business owners in West Seattle, a question came and makes for a great blog post!

A headshot of me in 2013 with my long hair!

How often should a business update their photos or headshot?

This is a fantastic question. I wish more business owners asked. The answer isn't one-size-fits-all one line answer. It depends on our business type.

If for example, you're working in personal services in the beauty field like hair stylist or esthetician, it's important to keep your headshot current with your most recent hairstyle and overall look. This way you look as good in person as you do in your headshot. You need to show off that your work is wonderful!

As a business owner who serves a core need such as an auto mechanic, or yard maintenance, then a current headshot needs updating only every 3-5 years as long as your overall appearance hasn't changed. Your work really speaks for itself, and your headshot achieves the goal of showing you are a professional who is friendly and trustworthy.

My short hair updated headshot from 2016!

The business owners who fall outside those general categories, you may find that what you really need are photos of you in action, or your work. You may need photos updated more often for social media use too like a personal trainer, or teaching artist.

All that to say it always depends on what you need to update as a professional in your field. How often do you update your website? Your social media channels? Your branding includes so many details - I liken photography to part of your reputation. It's a piece of the puzzle just like your logo or website colors.

Still not sure if you need updated photos? I'm here to help and offer a complimentary consultation over the phone for 15 minutes to help determine how I can help with photography. Hopefully, though, this post helps!

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