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The most common questions for head shots sessions are:

1. Do you do any editing?

2. What should I wear?

3. How many images will I get?

Let's start with editing - a lot of editing is done in the camera when taking the photograph. The lighting and settings are ready and it's the interaction between you and your photographer that finds the best angle.

No unflattering poses! The biggest job of your photographer is to find your most flattering angle. Yes, this photo was not edited.

After your photograph is taken, then editing in a software program comes into play. I include 30 minutes of light editing fore every session. Basically, I adjust lighting to be most flattering and remove anything really distracting like the shadow from my glasses or a wild hair. You'll also notice some color adjustments. This is the difference from the RAW image file from the camera and processing to tone down the natural pink tones of my skin that look a little to bright online.

Before and after my "light" editing.

Now, let's talk about what to wear - a head shot really is from the mid-chest to the top of your head, or a little above. So, what really matters is your top. You can wear business formal or causal depending on what your professional focus is. It's fun to wear a print, but avoid mixes two prints. Solid colors are usually best, or at the very least the colors need to not blend in with your background. I'm always happy to offer a listening ear to help clients pick out what they are going to wear over the phone. For more ideas, check out my post, How To Dress For Your Headshot.

And last but not least, how many images will I get?

With 3-5 images per head shot package you choose, why not have a little bit of fun from the traditional poses?

Your portrait package determines the amount of images you'll receive, and you can always add an image for $50 each. For example, Mini Sessions provide 3 images, and Online Profiles provide 5. Why that number? That is what I can provide for my time to edit and process each one as well as pay for the behind the scenes business expenses. Those numbers were found to be the most commonly needed for local businesses in our area.

Still got questions? I'm eager to answer them! You can email me directly or fill out the contact form.

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