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Everyone asks whether or not they can use their cell phone to take social media photos. The truth is that sometimes yes, your phone is just the tool for the job. I still believe the old saying, "The best camera is the one in your hands."

I've started offering a one-on-one style tutoring like class to help you take the photos you've always wanted with your phone. And, I really enjoy helping folks discover their hidden creative eye! My class starts with a pre-consult over the phone or email where we talk about your challenges and what you want to achieve. Then, we spend some time together putting that into practice complete with a handy cheat sheet so you can practice later.

The #1 thing I want to help folks understand when they're trying to decide if their phone will do the trick for sharing on social media is to ask: Will I ever want to print this really large? If the answer is no, then your phone may just be the best camera since it's handy and can capture something wonderfully spontaneous. For example, when you're on vacation and watch a beautiful sunset.

Case in point: I spent a week catching up with family, and while I did bring my professional camera, I didn't always have it on me. So, I give you the sunset...can you tell which one was taken with my camera vs. the phone?


It's hard to tell the difference! But, when I printed this out large, you can see which one captured better details and color tones (the bottom one is the real camera).

So, don't throw out your cameras. Instead, I recommend embracing and enjoying the camera phones and using them on social media in whatever way best suits you.

Questions? I'd be happy to answer them the best that I can in the comments.

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