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Native Light Photography is a registered Seattle photography business in the state of Washington. But, there are currently 3 others around the US (because it's a lovely name). Did you know you can register your business name with your state even if someone else somewhere else is using it?  The way to avoid that is to Trade Mark the name when you plan on going big, and creating a national company, like McDonald's.

Instead, photography tends to be an artisan business, with one person or just a couple of people behind the scenes running it. Which is why I don't mind sharing the name at all with a few other photographers in other states. Let me introduce you...

Native Light Photography websites online today:

Nativelightphotos.com is a wedding photographer in Columbus, Ohio.

Nativelightphotography.com is a documentary photographer in Mimbres, New Mexico.

What does nativelightphoto.com do?

Business photography: helping you show the world what you make, create and do.

I've been doing photography since I took my first photograph of my mom catching me with her camera in hand at the age of two. But really, I didn't get into it until I was five and she let me start taking photos she would print. Add to that old school learning I did as a teen in a dark room, working with weddings, portraits, fine art and you've got more than 25 years of experience to effectively capture your photographs.

Focusing on businesses is the result of all of my photography experience coming together.

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