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The answer is that everyone in business today will benefit from having a headshot. These are a standard piece of your branding, working alongside your logo, company name and leaving a powerful first impression that sets you apart online in a directory based site like Yelp or social media like Facebook.

Another common question is, should you have your headshot on your business card? Yes, if you are a business providing personal services. From health care to services in the home (Nanny, Housekeeper, Dogwalker), if you're working on a personal level, it's helpful to extend that level of a first impression on your card. If you're working in a basic need service like a Plumber or Electrician, you don't need your headshot on your card.

The most common question I hear is, when should you get a headshot? I'd recommend anyone entering the workforce get a headshot. With LinkedIn and online resume websites, your headshot helps you stand out: either as more professional or more fun to work with! That's the fun part of headshots - they have a standard for how close they are, but your facial expression and wardrobe help set that first impression.

Headshots today have to stand out the size of your thumb nail and much larger on a brochure. I can help!

This September 16th & 18th, I'm hosting two Mini Headshot Sessions!

For those with a day job, who want to update their LinkedIn profile, Saturday, Sept. 16th afternoon Mini Sessions!

Designed for those with a home office: Monday, Sept. 18th, enjoy a lunch break Mini Headshot Session!

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