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Online dating has changed a lot in the past 10 years. There are now more sites than ever for all ages: from an app like Tinder to seniors seeking seniors. You can pay for help finding your true love or wing it with trying out several different sites.

It's hard to stand out. You have to engage with your words, and your profile photo.

And, just like with business portraits for your LinkedIn profile or website, your dating profile photos can really help you stand out from the crowd. You have to have words that connect with someone on the other side of the screen, but you also need your face, your eyes, your smile to help your words connect.

The photo you use on our profile is so important that the major dating sites have articles about how much they make a difference. I'm sharing a LifeHacker article here, "Meet More People With Better Online Dating Profile Photos."This article was written by Em of Men Ask Em, who writes about dating and gives advice, sourcing from OKCupid. So, it's written with guys in mind, but it's helpful for women too.

The most important thing about your dating profile photo is to show off who you are! I know it sounds hard, but I like to think of dating portraits like your High School Senior portraits: showing off and celebrating you and your next chapter of life. That is why when I meet with clients, I do a consultation before the session: coffee on me and about a half an hour talking to get to know who you are and how to help you show that off during our portrait session. I'll be honest and tell you if you need a brow wax or suggest certain colors to wear that will bring out your eye color.

For example, I photographed Karen intending to capture her professional side, but really captured her joy filled side by getting less formal and having her play around with twirling her hair. This is what will make a better dating profile portrait - something that's well done but not too formal.

©HolliMargell Showing off her joyful side!

Showing off her joyful side!

So, if you're ready to level-up your dating profile, consider getting some Dating Profile Portraits - I've designed the Online Profile Session with those in mind! Let's have some fun and show the world who you are.

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