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Native Light Photography by Holli Margell

Native Light Photo Focus:

You know what you do best. Holli works with web designers, marketing directors, and professional individuals to provide photographs that connect, engage and empower you to do more of the work you love. Photographs that show the world what you do make or create. This can be as simple as a headshot, or as complex as a portfolio of work including an environmental portrait, candids, group portraits and before & afters. The visual part of your branding and business story, photographs that are ready to support your message on social media and beyond.

To hear more about why Holli decided to focus on serving the business community here in Seattle, take a listen to her SeaTown Podcast Interview.

Why Native Light Photography:

In this day and age, we all need to put our best face forward, and I see my job is to help you shine.

That is why I chose the business name, Native Light Photography. In part because it's a nod to my Native American heritage with the Eastern Shawnee and Chippewa tribes and my passion to photograph the world as it is, natively. This also reflects my style of photography, using both natural and studio light to look authentic and not too flashy or fashion focused.

On a more personal note, I am a wife and mother, and I adore fine art photography. You can view more of my personal projects and work at holliwithani.com!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I look forward to helping you shine!

Questions & Answers

How long have you been a photographer?

Does taking my first award winning photograph at age 6 years old count? I started out by using my mom's point and shoot camera when I was very young. I grew up watching my Grandpa Nichols carefully set up his tripod and cameras to take family photographs. And, I was encouraged to explore photography as an art form by my mom. For my 10th birthday my Dad bought me a Polaroid camera, and I was hooked. At age 17, I took a photojournalism class in college, and feel even more deeply in love with this medium. My first paid gig was at age 18.

Do you ever use film?

Yes! I'm partial to black and white when I use film, and I even have cameras I use for art projects.

What kind of camera do you use now?

Canon Mark II and Canon 7D for professional work. I have several other digital cameras for different types of photography opportunities. For example, I love my old FujiFilm XTi for hiking and trips with kids as it is light weight and compact while still having some wonderful manual mode settings.

Do you ever donate your photography services?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends - I can only afford to donate so much of my time as a solopreneur. I don't get to take a sick day or paid vacation. If I don't work my business doesn't generate income. So, I do donate my time and skills depending on the balance of business. And, I truly enjoy it!

Do You Travel For Photography?

Yes. I love to travel and have had the privilege to attend 3 international photography workshops. I look forward to future opportunities to do so in a professional capacity.

Where is your dream destination for photography?

How can I possibly choose? The whole world is a beautiful opportunity. I would love to visit and photograph Ireland or Norway next on my bucket list.

Holli Margell